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[id: small animated bouncy pixels of every oc here. end id]

finally,,,,they're all here

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you know what else is tiny? my p................ixel of imeth

i cant stop drawing her please help

clickie for biggie

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OK ok y'all

so i'm ADHD, autistic, agender, aromantic(ish), asexual

so basically


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i love she..

[id: a lineless chibi drawing of imeth. she is standing with her arms raised and looking up shyly. end id]

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some assorted pkmn illustrations from last years pokeddex

you can grab the vaporeon one as a shirt if you're interested over at teepublic

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hhh do you have any headcanons about the denizens of the deep? perhaps what their culture is like, or what it's like to live below the surface like they do, etc.? I wished Octo Expansion told us more about these creatures who seem to live an average non-test-subjecty lifestyle

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this is actually one thing i havent thought about before, so thank u for sending this! 👀 it is pretty weird that nintendo gave us these characters but didnt tell us anything about them

  • deep sea culture revolves around 80’s aesthetic! trends from the surface travel there much slower
  • their music is a mix of lofi, house, edm, synth, and alternative. there's a big emphasis on chill vibes.
  • lights are kind of a big cultural thing. mood lighting is present in almost any place that has electricity. light shows and raves are regularly scheduled in some places.
  • many counterfeit products based on surface brands get cycled around on the market. it’s difficult to tell a real item from a fake, seeing as most deep sea denizens have never been to the surface
  • the language the seafolk use is completely different from anything on the surface. few surface creatures know of its existence
  • deep sea denizens are much more solitary than surface creatures. aside from going to work/school and attending raves, they prefer to stick around their own species and families.
  • almost all deep sea settlements are built in sealed domes that separate them from the rest of the ocean. some of these domes have air atmospheres, while others are filled with water.
    • air-filled domes, as well as the metro, have about the same pressure as the surface. agent 8 could live here without being turned into a pancake 👀
    • most water-filled domes however, have higher pressures. seafolk who live in these have to undergo depressurization before they go somewhere
    • the deeper underwater you go, the darker the domes are inside, cause y’know, there’s less sunlight
  • the domes are connected by airtight tunnels. technically you could walk between them, if you’re prepared for a few hours of travel. but if you want to get anywhere in a reasonable amount of time, cars and trains are pretty much the only way to travel. deep sea creatures dont like building their domes too close to one another
  • tunnel construction totally doesn't meet surface safety protocol. nor does it make sense. at all. you've got 90 degree angle roads, mini-rollercoasters, and 16-way intersections. the way some tunnels are weaved together looks more like like a spiderweb than anything usable.
  • most deep sea creatures are capable of going to the surface without too many adverse health effects, but most prefer not to because it’s way too bright and hot up there
  • one of the few (legal) trades the seafolk have is selling human stuff they find on the seafloor. it's mostly old statues, tools, and broken electronics

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octo expansion headcanons yeeee

  • test subjects are assigned to one train and one conductor, so it’s rare for subjects to run into each other if they werent placed in a group together
    • subjects who grouped together can work together in tests. they usually have a ton more tests to go through in order to reach the thangs, though.
    • groups are limited to 4 or less
  • tests subjects have an unspoken time limit of one year to collect all of the thangs. after that, tartar evaluates their performance to decide whether they should be blended or released.
    • the "lucky" ones-- those who consistently perform below average-- are let go, albiet without most of their memories. no need to waste resources on those who dont show any promise.
    • those who reach a certain threshold, but stagnate for a long time are likely to be chosen for sanitization.
    • there is a disproportionately large amount of sanitized octolings compared to other species because most of them just happen to reach this threshold, and are the best at following and carrying out orders
  • new magazines about inkopolis and other counties are issued every month for motivation
  • platforming and fighting arent the only things that are tested. there are also mental challenges, puzzle rooms, and science experiments are also given, among other things. depending on what a subject excels at, they are given more of those tests.
  • test subjects wear bracelets that let tartar track their movements and prevent them from going anywhere he doesnt permit.
    • the bracelets on their wrists are tightly adhered to the skin, so the only way to remove them is to chemically burn them. im...not sure why they have bracelets on their boots; they can just take them off...
  • CQ points are basically a measure of how genetically ‘fit’ a test subject is (read: how close they are to being tartar’s ideal specimen)
  • CQ points are also used to buy food at the vending machine near the entrance. nothing special there, but if you’re really bad at tests and dont have enough points, i guess you’ll die of starvation :)
    • it’s really a very tiny selection...energy bars and chips are like 500p. sandwiches and soups are 1500~3000p. that’s it.
  • there’s no housing or beds tho. good luck sleeping on the train.
  • no one other than the subjects who collected the thangs are allowed to attend “The Ceremony”. the train even leaves the station before it begins.

Can't even begin to tell you guys how happy I am that I got the URL 'lofty' on both Waterfall and Pillowfort. Absolutely blessed

Pokemon news is gonna all over tumblr and twitter so I guess I live here now until... *checks calander* November

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its time for hearts! they're all transparent - there's white outlines that you can't see on this background. feel free to use!

(since they're lesser-known: the 3rd and 5th in the first row are these two lesbian flags, and the last in the 3rd row is (i believe the most-commonly used) queer flag)

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This is not a dashboard. This is Waterfall. It is a splashboard

It's ya boy, Lofty! I've no idea how to use this site but it seems similar enough to tumblr ajskdhsjka